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Treemont Offers A New Type of “Early Bird Special”

Posted by Lisa Witt on Sep 10, 2021 11:32:30 AM

Treemont Keeps Houston Seniors Independent with New Type of “Early Bird Special” 

Treemont Retirement is introducing a new type of “Early Bird Special” to help seniors take a more serious look at Independent Living options at a younger age. Treemont has learned that many of its residents put off thinking about the idea of a senior living community until they wereBillye Knigge senior living resident new years 2021shaken by a health scare in their late 70s or early 80s. But these residents found that their worries of giving up independence were not accurate, and today they say “I should have made this move ten years ago.”

Early Bird Special Concept

The initial concept of “Early Bird Specials” for seniors was by restaurants who wanted to extend their productive dining hours by offering discounts to seniors who could help fill up under-utilized early dining time slots. Seniors had the flexibility to dine earlier because they didn’t have work related conflicts – and they loved getting the discounts.

For Treemont the “Special” part of its new outreach to early birds is to provide Inflation Protection for a ten year period for those young enough to qualify. Rent increases will be capped each year to a maximum of 2%, and will be even less when the social security cost of living adjustment (cola) is below 2%. Seniors who remember the early 1980’s when annual inflation jumped to 14% will recognize the value of this protection.

Treemont wants “young” seniors to take a serious look at the many benefits provided in an Independent community, and not wait until a significant health issue arises.

This Inflation Protection special benefit program is being offered to those “early bird” seniors of 75 years or younger. For couples, Treemont will recognize the younger resident’s age to allow the couple to take advantage of the inflation protection benefit.


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Inflation Protection

Inflation Protection has quickly become a much more important issue as the economy deals with its recovery from the covid-related shutdowns. Housing prices in Houston and other parts of the country have skyrocketed just in the last few months. Inflation in energy costs, consumer goods, and wages have jumped to an annual rate of over 5% after several years of being near zero. Economists are debating whether the inflation spike is temporary or will be long lasting. It can be a great time for seniors to take advantage of the housing market as sellers, but most worry about the risk of future price increases if they ‘cash in’ on a home sale now. Treemont’s Inflation Protection benefit can provide the comfort needed to take advantage of the home price jump.New call-to-action

Senior Living Enhances Independence

Choosing to move to an Independent Living senior community is an important decision that requires careful thought. Most seniors are surprised to discover that the cost of senior living can be less than what they are currently spending. More importantly, they also come to the realization that the community works to enhance independence – not reduce it. Treemont hopes that its “new type of Early Bird Special” will get more young seniors to take a closer look at the options, and avoid being in the position of saying “ I should have done this ten years ago.” To learn more, call Treemont at 713.783.6820, stop by 2501 Westerland Drive 77063, or visit

To Learn More

To learn more about Treemont,, please call Linda, Lupe or Keri at 713-783-6820. For Nursing, rehabilitation or assisted living, call Kelli at 713-816-2033. Treemont is located in the Memorial / Westchase neighborhood at 2501 Westerland Blvd near Gessner.  They are happy to have walk-in tours, including on weekends. For general information on senior living, click here.


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