Treemont Means Home

In their own words....
I’m here and I’m happy, The people are friendly. The staff is really outgoing, they do a great job. Anyway I think I’m going to stay here, I like it. I get three meals a day. I don’t have to eat my own cooking! 
I have a lovely new apartment in A Bldg that’s been completely refurbished. It’s lovely, I really like it. I’m on the second floor and I look out the window and I see trees. I see trees with pink flowers. And yet I am so close to everything. It appears you’re in the middle of somewhere else, but you’re not, there are vital areas that are so close. I have a couple of restaurants I can walk to. I eat here, but I don’t eat all my meals here because. I feel like someday it might be necessary for me. But it’s not necessary now, so I don’t do it.
I enjoy Treemont for many reasons. One of the main reasons is our apartment faces the pine trees. We have two acres of pine trees out here on the north end. And we’ve built flower beds. And I brought my yard furniture over. And we have a lovely. lovely place we can look out on the flower bed that we just made last week. And we have all sorts of flowers out there, roses; and we just planted a flower bed that has roses around the tree. And then we have snap dragons and pansies and sweet alyssums. And then I have on another flower bed with Indian hawthorns, azaleas that I brought form home and flowers in that.. And then we have some potted hibiscus and begonias. It’s a joy to be out there. And people seem to enjoy being out there, sitting and enjoying the beautiful nature and the pine trees and flowers. And that’s one of the main reasons why I love being here. I can get outside and enjoy the flowers and walk.
My experience at Treemont has been exceptional.
I went to Shreveport to see my sister with my daughter. And we came back the next day. I checked in told them I was here, went to my room and put down my tote bag and purse and said “I’m so tired. It’s so good to be home.” And I stood there for a minute and then started smiling. That is the first time it’s been about 3 weeks ago, and it’s the first time that I had called this home. I felt like I’m settled in, this is home now.
I like everything here. I don’t want to go nowhere else.



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