Treemont is 'Where Love Lives'

Serving Senior Living Residents is a Privilege                                 ~Aimee, Treemont Activities Dierctor

What I find so wonderful about Treemont is every morning when I walk in it’s like opening a history book and watching the pages come to life. The people are fascinating. We have war heroes; we have Hall of Fame baseball players. We have people that not only lived history but they've made history. Being able to serve them at this stage of their life is just a real privilege for me and I think everyone else. They enjoy everything you do, so planning a busy activity calendar for them just is so rewarding because they appreciate it. They not only enjoy it, they appreciate it and they let us know. Treemont is where love lives.And people walk in and they feel it. You can’t orchestrate this, you can’t legislate it…it’s genuine. 

Activities Director Aimee Dubuisson walked into Treemont two years ago asking to volunteer witih senior residents. She moved from volunteer, to Activities Coordinator to assuming the helm of the activities departent. Treemont is blessed to have such a caring and innovative individual in this posiition. Working with seniors is a calling for Aimee. When you visit Treemont, stop by to talk with Aimee about your individual activitiy preferences.

Activities Engage Treemont Residents

Read or listen to Activities Director Aimee Dubuisson discuss her joy at working with seniors at Treemont Retirement Community. Activities can engage residents and help forge new friendships among residents. Contact or call her at 713-783-6820.



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