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Helen: I lost my husband last year, so I knew I didn’t need to be staying by myself and I didn’t want to cause the kids any problems so I thought let’s not throw a fit about it, so I started to look at places. And I have friends who are in most of these places around here is where most of my friends are. Treemont is where I live. We live in the Villages over at Spring Valley. Our church is memorial Drive Church Presbyterian which is just around the corner. On Sunday, from the time I start the car and from the time I get to the church is 6 minutes. And the hospital is not far away. My daughter lives in one of the Villages and my grandson lives down here just off of Gessner in Memorial. This is the most convenient place and besides I had friends who were here and they liked it. I looked at several places and there is no doubt, this is where I want to come.
Ed: My son lives here and I said scout out some places down there and I’ll come down there and look. So he did, he and his wife scouted out some places. And I flew down. I didn’t even go to the other two places. I said this is it. You might say I lived happily ever after.
Doris: My children felt like I needed to be in a safer place at night. We didn’t want to move. People never want to move out of their own home. I just said ok find me a place. They looked and looked and looked and they took me to several places and showed me Treemont and I thought wow this is good, they have good meals, everything looks good here. And so we moved here. 
George: That’s how I got here, I moved here because of my son. I was the only black male when I moved here in this residence. There were 2-3 black women here. Since I've been here, my table mate is a Hall of Fame baseball player named Monte Irvin! You heard of him? He lives here now.
Bob: Don is just super. It’s been excellent.  My fire alarm was acting up today and he got the batteries changed. They are very prompt and very efficient. They are as good as you can ask for.
Jeanne: Part of my estate planning was to get rid of my house. So as not to have my kids have to worry with it would be easy for me when the time came. I didn’t need my car either. So I got rid of my car and my house and my car, simplifying my life for my children for when the time comes. I’m 80, I'm a healthy 80. I don’t need a lot of the things Treemont provides but I’m glad that they’re here. I was sick one time and I got some home health care, but that was very minimal and short.
Gene (& Patricia): We decided at some point early last year, it was inevitable that we’d end up in a care facility, an independent living center somewhere. In talking with the family, they thought it was better sooner than later, particularly when I could make the decisions, or we could make the decision without someone making them for us. 

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Residents Discuss Why They Chose Treemont 

Read — or better yet — listen to nine Treemont Residents tell what they most value about living in an active senior living retirement community in Houston, TX. We hope listening to these personal stories will help you determine what is most valuable as you transition to an assisted living Houston community. You are choosing a new home. We hope these testimonials will help you learn why these nine families chose Treemont. To learn more about Treemont, please call Lupe or Linda at 713-783-6820 to schedule a complimentary lunch and tour. Or visit

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Ray (& Paula): Our friend Lois McCall was already here. She’s been her best friend of 36 years. Lois said some nice things about Treemont, how well the food was, and how well the all of the staff treated the people here that we thought it was a good place to be. We built our home in 1967, in Bunker Hill, about 4 miles form here.  
Lois:  My home was only a couple of miles from here, so I’ve known that Treemont was here. My daughter-in-law, her father lived here for a time before he died. After my husband was dead over a period of years, I began to realize the house was eating me alive.  It took all my time and most of my money just to keep it going. The upkeep on a sizable house takes a lot of time and when you have to do it yourself or hire somebody to do it and of course I couldn’t do it. I began thinking about a comfortable spot, a place that would be easier for me, and where I could still maintain a busy outside life, but have the necessary things taken care of like meals, and grocery shopping, utilities and security and cable, and all of those things that just get to be such a hassle when you’re all by yourself. Besides I wanted to be fairly close to where I’d been before, in my old neighborhood.
Gene: It took us 4 months to get ready to move. We didn’t even go out of the same zip code. We lived in Hammer-Schmitt and we’d been there 30 years. Patricia:  It’s been nothing but good!
These personal testimonials provide insight into why Treemont residents happily call Treemont home. To discover if Treemont is a good fit for you, we recommend that you come for lunch and a tour, speak with residents, meet the staff and ask questions. We look forward to your visit. 
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