Treemont Retirement Community was the first Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Houston and is proud to have now served multiple generations of satisfied family members. Treemont has a non-discriminatory policy based on race, creed and color. The retirement home in Houston, TX is family-owned and operated which affords direct involvement by the owners with the daily operation of community for the benefit of its residents. Treemont is a special place due to its long-tenured, caring staff, many of which have 20 or 30+ years of service. We have staff that have made a decision to return to Treemont for their own retirement. As we celebrate our 40th year of service to the community, we welcome you to visit and see why residents call Treemont home!

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Our Philosophy

Our goal is for you to find the best place that suits your needs, and your lifestyle. We hope that you find that Treemont Retirement Community is that place. Whether or not Treemont is the right place for you, though, we are committed to service. Our Treemont resident counselors take a 411 approach to assisting families in the process of finding which level of care will best meet their loved ones needs, whether that be Independent Living, Independence Plus, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and Rehab, and/or long term care. Treemont is a Continuing Care Retirement Community that has all four of these care levels, which most often permits us to meet residents changing care needs. When families call our goal is to help them find the best senior solution for themselves or their loved one, even if it may not be Treemont.

Director of Sales & Marketing James Wong is one who understands that fear of change is actually one of the indicators that the current living situation might not truly be the best option for seniors, because it’s “sort of ok.” They work hard to help understand what seniors and families need, and to explain why retirees deserve more than “sort of ok,” even if Treemont ends up not being the right fit. James and and our Resident Counselors point out that moving into a retirement community like Treemont is similar to other life transitions – like when they moved into a bigger house when they had children or relocated into a home closer to a new job. At Treemont, there’s many different living options – from Independent Living apartments to short-term rehabilitation spaces. There’s no one-size-fits-all home, and Treemont’s Resident Counselors talk through each option and the respective benefits before seniors have to make a tough choice. 

In addition, our Admissions & Marketing Director Crystal Luna, is considered a senior living expert in Houston. Treemont  has been featured as a Senior Living Expert on the Senior Info Series "Ask The Experts" about Assisted Living on KSEV 700 AM ( and Business Talk with Sherman on NOWMedia. Treemont maintains a list of communities with available Medicaid beds and Memory care apartments in the area. Learn more about our philosophy.



How can we be of assistance to you?

Please feel free to click on the links below to meet our Executive Director, Activities Directors and other members of our Independent Living and Assisted Living Houston, TX Leadership Team!  Click here to read about Treemont News & Events, including stories in Houston Chronicle.

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