Listen to Video Testimonials on Why Residents Chose Treemont

Residents have a variety of reasons for choosing to make Treemont their "home." 

The video testimonials below are in both video and quick to read transcripts of their assisted living Houston journey to Treemont.

The Appeal of Treemont

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"This is just a wonderful place. We just find everything we love. We love the food here. We think it’s really good. We love the entertainment they have for us here. There’s a little bit of everything here. So I think everyone can be satisfied here. All the help here is wonderful. So much of the help has been here forever and ever ..."



Follow the journey of Treemont residents who discuss their personal decision-making process that resulted in them choosing Treemont as their retirement community residence.  Reasons include:assisted_living_residents_enjoying_a_visit

  • I was tired of the upkeep of my large home
  • I wanted to make the decision while I was able to instead of leaving it to my kids to choose for me.
  • I realized I needed some extra support and Treemont provided that for me.
  • Many of my friends had passed away and I wanted more opportunities for socialization.
  • I could live in an independent apartment and get extra support as needed from Senior Allegiance Home Care that is on campus
  • I travel and it's nice to lock up the apartment and not have to worry about the lawn or a pipe breaking while I'm gone.
  • Everything is taken care of from housekeeping to meals and transportation to doctor's appointments.
  • My adult children wanted the peace-of-mind of knowing I was safe.

Maggie's Decision to Move to Treemont and Why She Feels So Safe 

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   "I can’t say enough how relieved I am ... I am safe, I am cared for. I’m living with a family. It’s not the family that I raised, nor the family I grew up with. It’s a family where we have many, many things in common. And every day I find myself more and more connected to people I didn’t even know two months ago. So I’m happy I’m here. My children say fairly often. "You gave us the gift of Treemont.” 



Why Do Rehab at Treemont Health Care Center?

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 "When I entered the rehab center I came in on a gurney and an ambulance and I left walking. The physical therapy department over there is marvelous. They got me from the gurney, to a wheelchair, to a walker, to a cane to the Treemont independent living. They are an absolutely marvelous bunch of people...The nursing staff was competent, they were caring, they took
wonderful care of people. 

Treemont Activities Director Testimonial

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"What I find so wonderful about Treemont is every morning when I walk in it’s like opening a history book and watching the pages come to life. The people are fascinating. We have war heroes; we have Hall of Fame baseball players. We have people that not only lived history but they've made history. Being able to serve them at this stage of their life is just real privilege for me"


Finding the Right Senior Living in Houston Community

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"Find a community that recognizes that Socialization is also a key to resident happiness. Residents in senior living communities have an improved social network and enjoyment of life. They develop new friendships. Make sure the retirement community offers a robust range of activities. Mental and spiritual health is just as
important as physical health." 


Treemont Retirement Community — Learn More!

"After leaving the nursing home, I needed a place to live I couldn’t go back to my home because it had too many stairs. I realized they had independent living residences. So I came over saw an apartment and took it. It has been a wonderful experience. I’ve enjoyed the staff who, are again, very caring and compassionate people. I’ve enjoy the residents who varied and full of fun. I love the informal atmosphere. It’s like a home. It’s not institutional in any way. The activities are interesting and informative. I’ve found it’s cheaper to live here than it was to maintain my home. I had a townhouse. And by the time I paid my bills and expenses I was spending more money than I do here. And I get 3 meals a day and weekly housekeeping and I can’t imagine a better way to live at this age."


The Continuum of Care at Treemont Retirement Community

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Treemont’s Social, Friendly Environment

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Why I Moved to Treemont

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Choosing Treemont

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Treemont Means Home 

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Meet Executive Director Rodney Brooks

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