When do Independent Seniors Benefit from Retirement Living?

6 Ways Seniors Can Be More Independent in a Retirement Community      By StoryStudio March 23, 2022, 11:08AM - Houston Chroniclelady gardening_senior living houston_c

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s seniors age, it’s easy to believe they will remain more independent if they  stay in the home they’ve lived in for decades.  It’s easy to understand why familiarity can be hard to part with.  But the reality is that there are other options that can not only provide an opportunity for more independence but a sense of belonging and community, too.

Having helped seniors thrive in the Greater Houston area for nearly 50 years, Treemont has been home to hundreds of men and women who have gained more independence by joining a retirement community.  And if there’s anything Treemont knows for sure, it’s that there are many benefits gained from living a life of less worry which can ultimately bring both seniors and their families peace of mind.

To highlight the ways in which seniors can be more independent in a retirement community, we caught up with the leading administrators at Treemont Retirement Community to discuss the benefits they witness every day in their community.


Stay Independent in Senior Living 

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1. Cost Savings

Homeownership can be endlessly expensive, even when the mortgage has long since been paid off. A retirement community means not having to deal with rising property taxes, insurance, utility bills, maintenance like lawn care and fixing whatever disaster is the latest to hit the house, from HVAC issues in the Texas summer heat to roof leaks after a bad storm and countless other headaches.

When living at the right retirement community, a single low all-inclusive cost includes a private one-bedroom apartment, chef-prepared meals every day, transportation, housekeeping, all utilities, entertainment, and daily care when needed.

“If you compare the value sheet, you’ll save thousands on average,” says Treemont Owner Lisa Witt. “After you add up everything that’s included, it usually more economical to live in a retirement community.”

2. Having People They Can Trust

No one should ever move somewhere where they don’t 100% trust the surrounding facilities and staff, and it’s hard to argue with longevity. When weighed against comparable properties, one thing that makes a retirement community stand out is its stellar reputation.

Another crucial tip is to pay attention to how long the staff members have been at that particular retirement community you’re considering. If they’ve been there a long time, it allows residents to see and interact with the same friendly faces regularly, allowing for more well-earned trust.

“We don’t have a whole lot of turnover,” says Executive Director Rachel Unverzagt about the Treemont staff. “People love working here, which makes people love living here. It’s a great place, and they trust us.”

In your search, it’s essential you find somewhere that’s proven they hold a similar sentiment.

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3. Social Engagement

Lisa Witt and her husband recently shared a viral TikTok video she is happy to paraphrase: “If you want to live to be 100 years of age, make sure you spend lots of time interacting with other people on a day-to-day basis,” she says. “This message isn’t only for seniors though, it’s for everyone.”

Treemont has partnered with Senior Allegiance Home Health on campus who can provide reminders to help residents get the full benefit of their medications and avoid the risks of forgetting or doubling-up. Personal Assistance Services from Senior Allegiance can help seniors to safely take a shower, get dressed and get ready to enjoy the day. Plus Treemont staff keep a gentle eye out for your safety and wellbeing, giving peace of mind to your family.

First and foremost, a great retirement community should be a social setting, and that’s what will make it so easy for people to connect with new friends. It’s wise to limit your search to communities with a fantastic dining room with meals hand-prepared by an executive chef.

“Just the fact you have meals every day is a perfect opportunity to connect with new friends over breakfast, lunch, or dinner,” Lisa Witt says.

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4. Activities to Keep You Busy

A key part of promoting social engagement is also making sure there are numerous activities available every day to keep life fun. Stay on the lookout for retirement communities that provide planned activities which help promote physical exercise and mental stimulation.

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A huge plus of choosing the right community for senior living is having beautiful, well-kept grounds. At places like Treemont, you can always spot senior couples or residents and their visitors going on cherished walks around the property together.

5. A Sense of Community

One of the main advantages of retirement living that always makes residents so happy is the sense of community. During her time at Treemont as Executive Director, Rachel Unverzagt points out how every night you can spot a group of 10 sisterly friends playing simultaneous games of Rummikub that are split into multiple tables.

“It’s neat learning new games and new ways to socialize,” Unverzagt says.

Another resident was recently placed in skilled nursing on the Treemont campus, and he was missing his usual tablemates. The entire group of the resident’s friends regularly make their way over each day to hang out with him while he gets well.

Whenever you check out a new retirement community, make sure it’s obvious that residents are openly socializing and their sense of community is strong like it is at Treemont.

6. Less Worry

As one ages, seniors often are ready to chuck the chores of mowing the lawn, doing home repairs, and weekly housekeeping. Seniors are free to travel and do not have to worry about a pipe bursting in their home or a leaky roof. This can give seniors more peace of mind when they are away.

Plus many of the parental visits from adult children come in the form of dutiful chores like grocery shopping, fixing things around the house, transporting mom or dad to places and so much more.

“If they move to Treemont Retirement Community, kids can just visit and enjoy time together rather than run errands,” promises owner Lisa Witt. “All those errands are built-in.”

“If you have something that needs to be repaired, somebody automatically comes and fixes it for you,” Rachel Unverzagt says of retirement living.

From changing a lightbulb to taking out the trash to cleaning the bathroom, all of this is done without you having to worry about it. There’s no stress about going to a doctor’s appointment either because Treemont has someone who can take you.

“You have your own personal chef, chauffeur, and housekeeper,” Rachel Unverzagt says of retirement community residents. “This restores that relationship between children and their mother or father.”

Interested in Treemont?

Living at Treemont starts at just $1,750 a month for a single residence or $2,350 per couple – with no buy-in either. However, Treemont is currently offering a couples special where the second person can move in rent-free for the first 6 months, which is a $600 per month savings.

If you’re still in your home thinking you’ll stay put and be more independent, that might not be the case.  Consider making the move. Retirement living has a built-in social network and sense of community that positively contributes to one’s happiness and quality of life. The price is all-inclusive and often less than staying in your huge home and guarantees you will have more free time. To check out Treemont and why independent seniors benefit from retirement living, call 281-957-1299 to schedule a visit or visit www.Treemont.com. Treemont is located at 2501 Westerland Drive 77063 in the Memorial area.

It’s never too soon to learn more about senior living in Houston or retirement services at Treemont.

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