10 Reasons Seniors Say Treemont is a Community Like None Other

By StoryStudio September 18, 2018 9:00 AM - Houston Chronicle 
With a whopping 250 events a month, Treemont Retirement Community in Houston creates a dynamic and social place to live that residents love to call home. In fact, in May alone, they enjoyed a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta, Kentucky Derby Fete, Mother’s Day Social, and Memorial Day Celebration. In between festivities, they took a virtual trip to France, exploring the country’s culture, geography, history and cuisine, and even managed to squeeze in their first ever TED Talk, followed by lively group debate.

Of course, the aforementioned are just a few of the events Treemont residents see over the course of a typical month at Treemont. With an ever-evolving rotation of programs, one never knows what the next month will bring. “I try to constantly change the programs to keep attendance up and keep the residents’ interest piqued,” explains Activity Director Rose Lau. Currently, Treemont residents can enjoy a number of unique experiences:

1. Adventures together on local field trips 

Treemonters recently headed to Galveston for a day in the sun and surf. The carefree group dined on the waterfront, shopped on the Strand, fed the gulls on the beach, and frolicked in the water, drawing admiring glances from passersby. “They didn’t want to leave!” said Activities Director Rose Lau. “I think we were having the most fun of anyone there.”

2. Travelling the world (virtually)

 Every month, residents learn about a different country’s history, culture and language over the course of three or four sessions. They end each month by trying the chosen country’s most popular foods and listening to the local music. So far, residents have explored France, Italy, Greece and Spain, with Russia on the horizon for September.

3. Modeling in a fashion show

Working with the well-known women’s clothing boutique Chicos, Treemont recently hosted a fashion show featuring residents as models. The models, who were styled with the Chicos summer line, chatted and sipped champagne before walking the runway to an audience of 80 friends and neighbors.

4. ‘Meet & Greets’ with local celebrities

As a larger retirement community, Treemont sees its share of noteworthy visitors. In August, for example, Texas State Representative Gene Wassisted living houston residents IMG_0062u attended the Tropical Ice Cream Social. The community has also hosted book readings by local authors and a talk by Jonathan Sandys, great-grandson to Sir Winston Churchill.

5. Inspirational, captivating, and controversial TED Talks

Each month, residents gather to watch an 8-10-minute TED Talk and engage in lively debate about the contents. While few of the residents had heard of a TED Talk before Treemont, many now thoroughly enjoy the opportunity for intellectual discussion and consider the event a favorite.

6. Nutrition guidance, from a pro

The ongoing nutrition program educates residents on new dietary approaches that score great results in battling chronic disease. The program is taught by Dr. Matrica Heaner, a nutrition professor who has written eight books and hosted her own TV show on the topic in the UK.  Those suffering from arthritis learn how to significantly reduce pain by giving up dairy products; those with diabetes learn how to reduce or eliminate their need for insulin by eating whole foods and avoiding animal products; those with nutritional deficiencies learn to reach micronutrient goals with the help of smoothies and superfoods.

7. Pet therapy

Animals play a strong role in mental and emotional health, and residents at Treemont are encouraged to interact with them in a number of ways. Pets are permitted in the community, but for those who don’t have their own furry friend, there is a monthly pet therapy program which brings therapy animals to the community to visit. There are also plans for a new dog park in the community, where residents can let their smallest family members off the leash to play and enjoy the outdoors while Mom or Dad take a much needed rest on a nearby bench.

8. Stress-relieving group activities

While many believe that retirement means no more stress, retirees know that’s not the case. Treemont assisted living Houston residents keep their calm with the help of programs like Laughter Yoga and Color Me Calm, Many also enjoy a peaceful moment of reflection at the community’s new Meditation Wall. The wall, which features uplifting quotes selected by the residents, serves as a tranquil place for reflection on the joys of life.


9. Assistance from local community members

Volunteers frequent the Treemont campus and offer everything from chess and backgammon lessons to technology assistance and daily religious services in five faiths. Residents can avail themselves of these offerings to make friends and learn new skills at the same time.

10. Employment opportunities

While some seniors retire and never look back, others find they miss the workforce and look for part time opportunities to contribute. Treemont employs residents in a variety of capacities, from receptionists to entertainers. These work opportunities let them use their skills and talents to engage with the community, with the added benefit of stretching their retirement savings.

Treemont is a retirement community in the Westchase neighborhood of West Houston. It offers a social model of retirement living, with a wide range of exciting events and activities, three meals a day, housekeeping, transportation, and more. Even for the quieter senior, there are opportunities to socialize with table mates three times a day or simply play cards in the library. It is common for seniors to develop late-life friendships in their new home. To schedule a lunch and tour of the campus, call 713-783-6820 and ask for Linda or Lupe.

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